SAP Commerce开发之如何找到某个页面对应的JSP实现页面

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For example here below is the product detail page of Hybris Storefront. The requirement is to figure out which JSP page has implemented this UI.

In some other SAP product it is quite straightforward to achieve.
For example in CRM WebClient UI, simply press F2 and we can find the technical name of UI component which implements the current displayed UI.

In ABAP Webdynpro use “Technical Help” from context menu:

In SAP Cloud for Customer there is so called “Client Inspector” to fulfill the technical data inspection requirement.

In Hybris Commerce you can use the following approach to find the implementation JSP file. I still use product detail page as example, based on Hybris 6.5.

(1) logon WCMS cockpit via url: https://localhost:9002/cmscockpit/index.zul
Search by keyword “product”, and double click on the search result with name “Product Details”.

(2) In template detail editor area, write down the name of page template: Product Details Page Template. Also note down the Created Date and Modified Date.

(3) fire the following flexible search in Hybris Administration Console:

select * from {PageTemplate} where {name} = 'Product Details Page Template'

In my installation there are more than one page found. Use Created Date and Modified Date I can tell that the last one is what I am looking for.

then I find the JSP file name here: product/productLayout2Page

Its fullpath in my laptop:


Or you can also search all cms-content.impex by keyword “Product Details Page Template”:

As described in the comment, the field frontendTemplateName represents the JSP file name.


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