During my holiday I was writing a small tool for fun, which extracts my personal posts from for further analysis.
I am using AJAX in jQuery to perform a synchronous call to fetch html source code of given url specified by argument requestURL.、

function getPostByAJAX(requestURL){
   var html = $.ajax({
  	url: requestURL,
  	async: false}).responseText; 
   return html;

The requestURL I am using is

However when I try to access it via my JavaScript code above, it failed.
And Chrome development tool didn’t give me enough information for trouble shooting.

How to deal with this issue then? Then I found the useful tool from Google: chrome://net-internals
Now let’s continue to trouble shoot with this tool.

(1) type chrome://net-internals in Chrome address bar, press enter key.
Then click Event hyperlink.

(2) Go to my own html page which will send AJAX request via jQuery, click F5 to send a new request, then go back to Chrome tool.
Now I have found the trace entry for the sent request.
Here below is the request detail which contains much more information compared with the one in Chrome development Tool-Network tab.

And here below are response header fields:

The return code 302 and location “” give me a reminder that this issue might be related to logon state of BAIDU website, since I would like to return my personal information, it makes sense that the url can only return personal data if cookie is available or user credential is specified ( not supported by BAIDU in this case ).
In order to verify my assumption, I request the url directly in Chrome and check its request header fields this time, and yes, the cookie field is there:

So now the question is, how to send my cookie information together with the AJAX call in JavaScript code?
I found this article from Google.
According to the article, I add the following code in my function:

And it works now:

By the way, via this tool I can also figure out how the jQuery library file jquery1.7.1.js stored in local laptop is loaded by Chrome.
Chrome reads this file by chunks with size 32768 ( the file consists of 8 chunks ).

The total size 251661 matches exactly with the number I see in windows, perfect isn’t it?

Further reading

For more tips I gained during my daily work about Chrome development tools, please refer to this blog Chrome Development Tool tips used in my daily work.



Git 实用技巧

这几年越来越多的开发团队使用了Git,掌握Git的使用已经越来越重要,已经是一个开发者必备的一项技能;但很多人在刚开始学习Git的时候会遇到很多疑问,比如之前使用过SVN的开发者想不通Git提交代码为什么需要先commit然后再去push,而不是一条命令一次性搞定; 更多的开发者对Git已经入门,不过在遇到一些代码冲突、需要恢复Git代码时候就不知所措,这个时候哪些对 Git掌握得比较好的少数人,就像团队中的神一样,在队友遇到 Git 相关的问题的时候用各种流利的操作来帮助队友于水火。 我去年刚加入新团队,发现一些同事对Git的常规操作没太大问题,但对Git的理解还是比较生疏,比如说分支和分支之间的关联关系、合并代码时候的冲突解决、提交代码前未拉取新代码导致冲突问题的处理等,我在协助处理这些问题的时候也记录各种问题的解决办法,希望整理后通过教程帮助到更多对Git操作进阶的开发者。 本期教程学习方法分为“掌握基础——稳步进阶——熟悉协作”三个层次。从掌握基础的 Git的推送和拉取开始,以案例进行演示,分析每一个步骤的操作方式和原理,从理解Git 工具的操作到学会代码存储结构、演示不同场景下Git遇到问题的不同处理方案。循序渐进让同学们掌握Git工具在团队协作中的整体协作流程。 在教程中会通过大量案例进行分析,案例会模拟在工作中遇到的问题,从最基础的代码提交和拉取、代码冲突解决、代码仓库的数据维护、Git服务端搭建等。为了让同学们容易理解,对Git简单易懂,文章中详细记录了详细的操作步骤,提供大量演示截图和解析。在教程的最后部分,会从提升团队整体效率的角度对Git工具进行讲解,包括规范操作、Gitlab的搭建、钩子事件的应用等。 为了让同学们可以利用碎片化时间来灵活学习,在教程文章中大程度降低了上下文的依赖,让大家可以在工作之余进行学习与实战,并同时掌握面涉及的Git不常见操作的相关知识,理解Git工具在工作遇到的问题解决思路和方法,相信一定会对大家的前端技能进阶大有帮助。
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