SAP Cloud for Customer的CTI呼叫中心解决方案


(1) Inbound calls are achieved using a parameterized URL that your client-side application passes to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer CTI Client Adapter. This allows the call attached data to display in the Live Activity pane in the solution.
(2) Outbound calls are achieved by using a DLL which passes the dial out phone number from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to your CTI solution and in which you have included the necessary dial-out logic.

from CPO:
In C4C, we’ve adopted a generic CTI integration approach that can be leveraged to integrate with any CTI vendor like Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, InContact etc. While we offer an out-of-the-box integration with SAP Contact Center, integration with other CTI vendors is done through SI partners. Integration with CTI vendors typically requires a small enhancement of the softphone to push call information to the C4C UI. Attached blog provides more details on this:
Quite a few partners have already developed such an integration with the different CTI vendors. Here’s an example of a partner promoting C4C-Genesys Integration
We have several C4C customers using our call center capabilities integrated with different CTI vendors. For e.g. Remington and TUI Travel integrate with SAP Contact Center, GOL Airlines and Bobst integrate with Avaya, ThermoFischer was looking to integrate with Genesys, Omnicell integrates with Interactive Intelligence and so on.


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