SAP ABAP switchable BC set的最详细创建步骤

Switch BCset could contain customizing table entries and is controlled by switch, which is then related to a business function.


You must have a switch which controls a package and bound to a business function.
In my example the switch is CRM_SMS and package CRM_SMS_SFWS. The business function name: CRM_SMS

1. Go to Utilities->User Settings:

Specify the settings according to the above screenshot. Make sure to specify the correct software component of the system in which you are working! Select software component BBPCRM.

2. Go to the development client for BC development, in my landscape it is AG3/110, tcode SCPR3:

Suppose you would like to put the following customizing entry into BCset:

Create your customizing entries as usual:

Create a new entry:

Click save button, maintain the new of your new BC set in column “Switch BC Set”:

You must save the bcset to the package which is controlled by the switch.

  1. Go back to SCPR3 initial page, choose User Switch BC Sets:

Double click FOR_TEST_PURPOSE, click button to complete Data Records.

Make sure you see green light here:

  1. Go to client AG3/001, tcode SFW5, click button “Switch Framework Browser”:

search your business function:

You can observe the new bcset which is created by you just now. It has red light.

Double click on it and activate ( If the transport request containing the BCset is imported into test system, you do not need to do this manually since the activation of the BCset is controlled by the business function).

After successful activation you could see green light for activation status and DB compare.

Now you could also see customizing entry contained in the BCset in AG3/001 now.

if you deactivate the BCset, the entry will disappear in the customizing:


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